gEnergy brings building simulation to the cloud, using all the features of EnergyPlus on the web, accessible any time, any where. Using on-line web collaboration, you can work with, train and support your colleagues and customers in the development of EnergyPlus models.

With rich graphical reports, hyperlinked commenting, model versioning, HVAC graph editing, the ability to import both gbXML and IDF models, and many other features, gEnergy is a powerful EnergyPlus-based simulation tool for you and your business. Find out about gEnergy’s features and functionality.

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What is gEnergy?

gEnergy enables the creation of new EnergyPlus models and imports of Trimble SketchUp, Autodesk Revit, gbXML and EnergyPlus IDF models. Over 600 building objects, constructions and HVAC systems are supported in gEnergy’s easy to use Web interface.

By simulating your buildings on the cloud, your models are accessible anytime, anywhere – meaning you can work in the office, from your home, in the airport or in a cafe, with all the features of gEnergy at your fingertips.

Why simulate on the Cloud?

By using state-of the-art Web collaboration technologies and techniques, gEnergy allows you to build and share models online with your clients and consultants. Comments and annotations at project and building object level translate into rapid development of robust models, and a dramatic increase in simulation skills and knowhow. A wealth of powerful training examples are included for deepening the simulation expertise of your team.

Running your models on the cloud gives rapid results. Generate and view rich reports and develop powerful insights into building performance on your tablet, laptop or smartphone.

What are the advantages of the Cloud?

Collaboration – work with, train and support your colleagues and customers in the development of EnergyPlus models. gEnergy allows you add hyperlinked comments to any EnergyPlus object. These links can be shared with colleagues to highlight specific model components or problems. The result is a rapid, highly productive team-based approach to developing high-quality EnergyPlus models.

Backups and versioning – ensure that your model data is never lost and allows version-branching for different simulation scenarios.

Work from anywhere – remove the need for a centralized location.

Power of the Cloud – You no longer require a super computer: let our elastic processing cloud do the work for you!

No need to worry about updates and newer versions of the software. All fixes and updates are applied on our servers.

gEnergy uses the EnergyPlus engine, giving all the features of EnergyPlus – on the Web!

  • Using existing IDF files for gEnergy
  • Fast analysis engine
  • Secured project data storage online using the Cloud

Designed with team work in mind

gEnergy is built for project management and collaboration. Work with your team to bring out the best in your projects with ease.

  • Train and support your colleagues and customers in EnergyPlus usage
  • Backup and version your IDF files, branch off a version to start a simulation with different parameters
  • Low training and software costs
  • Integrated within the gTools suite
  • Free to try