About GreenspaceLive


The Company

GreenspaceLive Ltd is an energy engineering, consulting and software services company specialising in innovative energy systems and building simulation. Founded by Donald Macritchie and Neil Finlayson, GreenspaceLive became the first spin-out company from the University of the Highland and Island’s in April 2012, building on eight years of research and development activity. Our company is a recognised global leader in energy modelling and simulation. We provide powerful software solutions to complex energy problems.


We have developed a set of affordable, easy to use rapid software tools that enable users to determine what savings and improvements can be made to their buildings in the most cost effective manner.

By taking an on-line, mobile approach to energy simulation we have enabled users to utilise any device at any time and collaborate with their team on efficient solutions. This reduces early design costs and improves productivity.

With the need for clients to make investment decisions on their building portfolio, the cost of applying greenspace software is very minor compared to the ultimate capital cost and good risk informed decision making is critical for significant energy improvements.

Our flagship gEnergy energy simulation platform enables us and thousands of worldwide customers to design sustainable buildings (green, PassivHaus, LEED™, BREEAM™), renewable energy systems, HVAC systems, electric and heat batteries, natural ventilation, wind and solar district heating systems, phase-change materials, vehicle-to-building (V2B) and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems, hydrogen power, cogeneration systems, and much more.

Our software with the right technical knowledge enables construction professionals to evaluate the numerous technologies with the most appropriate combination of solutions in the most economical manner. The combination of fabric modifications and new additional technologies will form part of the improvements where the software allows for the selection of the optimum solution.

We believe that with our low cost Software as a Service is applicable to any Developer/Construction specialist when investment decisions are required to reduce energy consumption in a building portfolio.

We develop and provide rich energy and carbon economics solutions, including utility tariff modelling, renewable incentive, lifecycle cost and weather modelling. We can provide smart energy networking and building solutions at single building, portfolio, city and regional scale. greenspaceLive have a decade-long involvement in research projects across the world, including Scotland, the UK and Europe aa well as collaborating with leading industry firms across the globe. We also work closely with national labs, commercial companies, research organisations, utilities, non-profits, architects, and universities.

Our People


Donald Macritchie is Managing Director of GreenspaceLive. Donald is a graduate of Napier University and Leeds Metropolitan University and is a corporate member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology. Donald is a qualified design engineer and a recognised pioneer in introducing energy planning into the design process. Donald is an experienced design engineer, innovator and leader. He has a proven track record of leading design teams on large and complex projects giving a clear strategic vision on low energy matters.He has taken a leading role in strategic energy matters and assisted clients in developing clear policies suitable for a low carbon agenda.

Since graduating he has practiced in both private and public sector consultancies where he initiated energy innovation into the design process and secured significant levels of funding to make these projects a reality and true exemplars of sustainable design. He is a creative thinker with a strong business focus. Donald has lead GreenspaceLive through its early years and assumes main managerial and financial responsibilities. He continues to engage with his co-founder in pursuit of growth funding and drive the business forward towards more market engagement. He has sold high level consultancy services to designers by maintaining good customer service and providing innovative technology solutions. He is involved with many diverse organisations where he takes the opportunity to instigate change by offering a visionary and progressive approach to future strategies.


Donald MacSween is Head of Building Simulation and Lead Energy Consultant at GreenspaceLive Ltd. Donald has more than 25 years experience in electrical and building services engineering including control, instrumentation and building automation design, low energy buildings design, and renewable energy installations.

  • Building Services Engineer with extensive experience in the design, project management and operation of all building services elements. Management of design team in public sector consultancy.
  • Design of mechanical and electrical building services in a range of building types including offices, schools, residential and care facilities.
  • Extensive experience in low energy buildings design and incorporation of embedded renewable energy technologies including solar, biomass, CHP and wind.
  • Conducting energy audits and providing energy efficiency advice in public, private and commercial buildings.
  • Operation and maintenance responsibilities for HVAC plant and control systems for a Local Authority buildings estate.
  • Conducting options appraisals and prioritisation for major plant refurbishment and replacement programmes based on condition and life cycle cost and carbon for a Local Authority estate
  • Design of control and instrumentation systems for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications including building energy management systems.
  • University of Aberdeen
  • Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology


David Maciver is Lead Software Engineer at GreenspaceLive. He first started working at GreenspaceLive while a student in the summer or 2006 and 2007, and worked on web development and creating the initial version of gModeller. David has extensive software development skills and deep knowledge of Java, Javascript, SQL and all things Web. After graduating with a First-Class Honours BSc in Computing Science at the University of Aberdeen in 2008, David began working for GreenspaceLive full-time and helped extend the gTools product suite to include gWorkspace, gSBEM, and gEnergy. He has also worked on the Rapiere joint-venture project to develop a product to estimate capital and lifecycle cost, carbon and energy performance for buildings in early design.