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A new approach to modelling

Our gModeller extension for Trimble SketchUp offers a new approach to your modelling process:

Take your SketchUp model and convert it to gbXML or EnergyPlus IDF with our auto-conversion tools.

Once converted, analyse your model using our cloud energy analysis engine gEnergy or an alternative downstream analysis tool.

Key Features

  • Convert from SketchUp into gbXML and EnergyPlus IDF models.

  • Cloud stored model backups and versioning.

  • Automated model surfacing and spacing.

There’s More

  • Share and store your model in the cloud.

  • Add your own material and construction data.

  • Available on GreenspaceLive accounts.

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Online Workspace

gWorkspace takes your file storage online, allowing you to access energy and building design documents any time, any where.

Store your building information online, so you can access, share and manage your building data from anywhere. View reports, store and share energy runs, project files and photos and 3D models.

Connect with your colleagues and friends on LinkedIn and Facebook to share your projects.

Key Features

  • Always accessible*.

  • Upload for file such as, PowerPoints, Word docs, photos, floor plans, PDF files etc

  • Share each folder with colleagues and project stakeholders.

*Internet connection required.

There’s More

  • Social Media integration with LinkedIn and Facebook.

  • OS, device and application-agnostic.

  • Fully integrated with gModeller and gEnergy.

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gEnergy brings building simulation to the cloud, using all the features of EnergyPlus on the web, accessible any time, any where.

Using on-line web collaboration, you can work with, train and support your colleagues and customers in the development of EnergyPlus models.

With rich graphical reports, hyperlinked commenting, model versioning, HVAC graph editing, the ability to import both gbXML and IDF models, and many other features, gEnergy is a powerful simulation tool for you and your business.

Key Features

  • Use your existing EnergyPlus IDF files with gEnergy

  • One of the fastest EnergyPlus analysis engines.

  • Secured project data storage online using the Cloud

There’s More

  • Designed with teamwork in mind.

  • Rich, customisable reporting.

  • Available with both Standard and Premium GreenspaceLive accounts

Don’t just take our word for it, judge for yourself

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