Aug 18

IFC models to gModeller

We have now enabled the latest version of gModeller V2.2.4 to import IFC models with geometrical data via Sketchup Pro.

IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is about sharing information across software applications and interoperability is a key enabler.

IFC is a data model that is used to describe building data and geometry across building disciplines and across phases of the building life cycle. IFC is both a de-facto standard and an ISO standard. The format is open and has wide industry support. It is a common requirement for BIM interoperability and most of the tools in use in your design and construction projects already support exporting/ importing the format.

The integrated BIM approach also enables the ability to access numerous global software tools.

gModeller gives the ability to produce an idf file format for full dynamic simulation with gEnergy analysis.

Other file formats such as nct for SBEM certification is also available from gModeller.

Download gModeller: gModeller-2.2.4.rbz

Aug 18

First design with GreenspaceLive

At the early building design stage energy modelling can assist with the process of evaluating all the options which can contribute to a high-performance building.

It is now recognised that integrating energy modelling into the building professional’s workflow will result in buildings that can meet high performance expectations.

Early concepts that introduce passive design options and methods to reduce energy requirements can form part of an exercise to determine energy targets achieved by an iterative design process where the model can be modified and tested to maximise performance.

The first Sketchup model can be transformed to gModeller and ready for either deep dynamic simulation gEnergy or energy code compliance assessment programmes.

gModeller enables the export and import of gbxml models.

The new version of gModeller V2.2.2 is now available on line with improved performance!

Early results allow for design refinements where decisions are based on sound technical analysis and good risk informed decision making

Bringing DEEP DYNAMIC SIMULATION to the early stage design process allows the building professional to evaluate numerous design options with the web enabled gEnergy giving the full power of EnergyPlus – the global standard.

Take the early opportunities to improve value!

May 18

gModeller V2.1 Released

Out now and online, the newest gModeller V2.1 to start your Building Performance Simulation!

V2.1 has greatly improved performance particulary on MacOS.

Easy to use based on Sketchup. Go straight to other CAD software with these file formats:

  • gbXML – global energy analysis tools
  • idf – for the global standard EnergyPlus.
  • nct – for UK SBEM and Energy Performance Certificates.

Download Now

Jan 18

Generate EPCs from gModeller

Our customers asked to go directly from gModeller Sketchup to SBEM – now you can!

With the approval bodies requiring tabulated geometric data you can now do that action automatically from your model!

So generate your EPC building model from gModeller.

Dec 17

Custom surface naming in gModeller

Space, surfaces, and openings can now be renamed using a custom naming scheme.

By choosing ‘Custom Rename…’ from the extensions menu, you can enter the new names containing placeholders, for example:

	Spaces: sp-[spaceIndex]
	Surfaces: su-[surfaceIndex]
	Openings: op-[openingIndex]

The placeholders you can currently use are:


Nov 17

gModeller V2 Release

We have listened to our customers and our new V2 has many new features including:

  • Performance of auto-surface space assignment greatly improved
  • Can now apply Sketchup materials to construction type to visualise in rendered 3D view
  • Can now apply glazing properties and window constructions to model
  • Sketchup paint tool can now apply constructions
  • Surface ID tags can now be viewed in 3D model
  • Construction and surface list selection updated when surface is selected in Sketchup

Download the new version at:


Jun 16

RAPIERe wins ‘Collaboration Champion of the Year’ award

At this years Consultancy and Engineering Awards, Rapiere won the prestigious Collaboration Champion of the Year award, fighting off competition from the likes of Network Rail, Crossrail, Arcadis, Jacobs and Apple Inc.

– Richard Newman, CEO, Rapiere Software Ltd


Rapiere Software Ltd is a company consisting of four founder partners; GreenspaceLive, Architype, ChapmanBDSP and Sweett Group. Together we have developed a web-based building simulation platform, that will save construction practitioners time and asset owners money by running multiple building simulation scenarios of cost, carbon and energy to optimise the sustainability of the design.








“Rapiere is a great example of organisations working together across an industry to develop a product that will deliver a real benefit to the creators of our built environment”

– Richard Hill, Director of Cost Consultancy, Sweett Group


For more information about Rapiere Software Ltd, please click here.


Oct 15

RAPIERe Software Launch

On Tuesday the 15th of September 2015, RAPIERe was officially unveiled to the public at an event at the Battersea Power Station near London.

Rapiere Software Ltd, is a company consisting of four founder partners; GreenspaceLive, Architype, ChapmanBDSP and Sweett Group. We have developed a web-based building simulation platform, that will save construction practitioners time and asset owners money by running multiple building simulation scenarios of cost, carbon and energy to optimise the sustainability of the design.

RAPIERe software (beta edition) overview with Gareth Selby of Architype:


For more information please visit www.rapiere.net


Aug 14

Project AIDA Study Tour

In April 2012, GreenspaceLive were confirmed as the UK’s official consortium in The Affirmative Integrated Energy Design Action (AIDA) project. AIDA is a project funded by Intelligent Energy Europe with a view to supporting building professionals and local authorities in the design and implementation of nZEB’s (nearly Zero Energy Buildings). Through a series of study tours, sustainable policies and web-based BIM (Building Information Modelling) software; the AIDA project aims to achieve several targets. To increase the number of nZEB buildings throughout Europe, the number of building professionals trained on integrated energy design, and the number of municipalities beginning to build and refurbish buildings to nZEB levels.

On Friday the 29th of August we will present our fourth study tour, a local building; the newly completed Temporary Accommodation Centre located in Stornoway. It has been built to high energy efficiency standards, incorporating air source heat pumps and solar PVs.




The tour will consist of a design presentation and tour of the building, followed by a Q&A and a demonstration of our Energy Design Tools.

If you wish to attend the tour please, register using the following link:


or call 01851 707876



Jun 14

gModellers Automated Functionality

Are you aware that it’s even easier to make gbXML and IDF models with gModeller with our automated texture and spacing functionality?

Once you’ve built your model, you can easily automatically apply your surfaces by clicking “Auto Apply Surfaces” shown below.


Once this has completed, you can review your model and, if any incorrect surfaces have been applied, overwrite them with the correct surface.

You can space your model automatically by clicking the “Auto Apply Spaces” button shown below.


This will space your model using our latest spacing technology. Count the rooms against your space count, you should find that they are both equal!


If you make changes to your model, you can update the model without resurfacing and respacing! Simply use the “Sync Geometry” button below!



If you have any queries or problems, contact GreenspaceLive via our webpage.