Sep 12

Dragging and Dropping in gWorkspace

Hello everyone,

Following the relaunch of our website, and gWorkspace, we are starting a series of blog posts highlighting some of the new features and functionality in the revamped gWorkspace. The new gWorkspace has been completely rebuilt, and designed to be compatible with as many browsers as possible using HTML and AJAX for its user interface. This means that gWorkspace now works on most mobile devices as well as on your desktop. It also means that gWorkspace is now far more responsive than the older Flash based version, and has a whole bunch of new features that make gWorkspace easier to use than ever!

One feature I’d like to highlight in this blog post is drag and drop file uploading to gWorkspace.

Web based cloud storage is great, you can access your files from anywhere, share them with colleagues etc. However, actually getting your files onto the cloud can be a pain – particularly if you need to do it one file at a time. We’ve tried to make this a bit easier by introducing drag and drop file uploading.

To use this, you simply select all the files you want to upload from your desktop, drag them into gWorkspace (which should automatically highlight in green where you need to drop the files) and drop them in place. The upload process will then begin and your files will be sent to gWorkspace.

Once files are uploaded into gWorkspace, you can drag and select multiple files to carry out operations such as moving, copying, and deleting files. Check out the video below to see drag and drop in action in gWorkspace.

We really hope this helps make gWorkpace easier to use, and we’d love to hear your feedback on drag and drop as well as all our other new changes!

Malcolm Murray
Product Manager