Greenspace Live becomes a Johnson Controls partner

The need for managing the energy in buildings has never been greater and Greenspace Live is now providing a unique service to its customers with the integration of controls strategies and software design. The intelligent linkage between the building energy needs and generation of renewable energy to maximise the innovation benefits is here.

The EasyIO control strategy was developed to meet the objectives providing monitoring and control that is energy efficient whilst maintaining optimal comfort for the building occupiers.

 EasyIO controls EasyIO BMS controllers provide advanced building control, utilising the web enabled series of controllers. System web-enabled graphics allow system monitoring through the IT network and EasyIO SystemView Touchscreen display including user adjustments, data graphing and system alarms. Modbus integration allows real time monitoring of energy usage.

One of EasyIO’s goals is to lead the way in transforming the building management & HVAC sector through groundbreaking solutions that disrupt an industry through technical excellence, innovative and intuitive solution development capabilities.

Committed to open source, it guarantees back and forward compatibility at all levels. With the F-series controllers and engineering software CPT Tools provide a flexible system that is easy to install, manage and maintain.