[Beta] gEnergy 1.0 PT Updates – August 19th

Our gEnergy testing is well underway, and we’re happy to see people using it extensively!

We’ve added some new features and improved some existing ones since our beta launch, see below for details!

[Beta] gEnergy 1.0 PT Updates РAugust 19th

  • Multi Select and Editing of Objects – the ability to edit multiple objects at the same time. This is a big productivity booster for larger models with lots of similar objects (e.g., walls, etc).
  • WebGL 3D view of building geometry – very fast in modern browsers. Also, downscales to normal non-WebGL 3D view for older or mobile browsers.
  • Highlights areas of the 3D model being edited, e.g., Zones, Surfaces, etc.
  • Upload custom weather files
  • Graphical Node graph view for editing systems, and identifying connections
  • Dashboard based charting – add as many as you want, to make up custom reports
  • Editable charts – choose what outputs are displayed on each individual chart.
  • Drag and Drop schedule editor – edit schedules using a popup calendar where you can drag and drop days and values. Also chart based editing.
  • Energy Plus console – view energy plus output as its running, useful for debugging.
  • Export EnergyPlus raw output for downstream analysis.
  • Ability to edit every single object in EnergyPlus – not just restricted to buildings.

Is gEnergy missing a feature you want to see? Let us know!