JV project ECCOlab is on the move!

Circular London is running a six-month accelerator programme to drive circular economy innovation in the built environment.

The accelerator, which is powered by LWARB and Carbon Trust is located in LWARB’s circular office in Shoreditch. The programme is currently offering bespoke support to seven start-ups working to create innovative solutions for challenges in the built environment.

Rapiere Software Ltd (with GreenspaceLive as a partner) created ECCOlab, a web application, to aid building design for the circular economy including lifecycle carbon and cost. ECCOlab is both an integrated BIM (Building Information Modelling) and carbon modelling tool for lifecycle carbon.

As a cloud-based tool, accessed through a web application, and using the IFC file format (the standard BIM interoperable file format) it is OS and BIM-tool agnostic, allowing access to all parts of the construction value chain. By allowing multiple users to access the model (like Google Docs) it is also a collaboration tool, as well as a modelling/simulation tool.