gEnergy is the web interface to EnergyPlus

Our software provides a user interface for the EnergyPlus simulation engine. gModeller facilitates easy entry of building geometry and fabric constructions using Sketchup and gEnergy allows the full scope of EnergyPlus objects to be edited.

For detailed information on the actual energy simulation you are best to refer to the Energy plus Input/Output and Engineering Reference manuals:

Input Output Reference (PDF)
Engineering Reference (PDF)

Also, Big Ladder Software provide training on EnergyPlus and have some very good reference material on their website that is easier to navigate.

EnergyPlus Web-Based Documentation

Weather data is available for over 2000 global locations. Data is in a standard, well documented, EPW format so it is also possible to construct your own weather files if you have localised data available of if you wish to push your model through some extreme weather events. The following link provides a map of locations:


The link below is to a guide on using EnergyPlus for producing compliance reports:

Using EnergyPlus for Compliance (PDF)