Introducing gModeller 1.9.5


GreenspaceLive are proud to reveal our latest version of gModeller: gModeller 1.9.5!

We’ve made a number of improvements, fixes and new additions to gModeller based on user feedback to make the process of creating gbXML and IDF models from SketchUp with ease.

gModeller 1.9.5 Change Log:

– Sync Geometry has been improved. This means if you make changes to your model after you have textured it, such as moving windows or doors, you can use Sync Geometry to update the  gModeller gbXML file without retexturing.

– A button for Sync Geometry has been added to the gModeller toolbar.

– Space Selection has been improved to detect fully enclosed spaces, including more abnormal shapes and designs.

– Join Close Points has been added. This closes small gaps (under 1cm) within your model that may have occured during the modelling process. This is available in the Plugin Menu within SketchUp.

– Repair Model feature has been added. Repair Model will take your current model, save it and re-create it, eliminating any additional surfaces and points in your model. This is available in the Plugin Menu within SketchUp.

– ‘Paint Detected Spaces‘ runs the space detection and draws the floor of every detected space yellow, making any problem spaces visible in green. This is available in the Plugin Menu within SketchUp.

– Export function changed.

– Stability improved.

Available Now!

gModeller 1.9.5 is available now at

Download our EXE here.

Download the RBZ here.

Need help installing the RBZ? Here’s a quick installation guide

Try it out today!