gEnergy Feature Spotlight: Collaborate at project and object levels

The 21st century office is changing. Already you might have people working from home, from another office or even from another country! But a 21st century office needs a 21st century solution; Online collaboration.

gEnergy supports collaboration and remote working by allowing users to share projects with others, and comment at project and object levels.

This means that users can discuss the project at a higher level, for example to discuss requirements, work left to do, project management, etc., and at the same time discuss specific objects in detail. This opens up many possibilities for collaboration.

For example, if there is a question regarding an HVAC component, users can discuss the object at its own level, without cluttering overall project discussions. Similarly, a project manager can review the object model, comment on objects of concern, and collaborate with the modelling team to ensure the quality of the model is as high as possible.

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