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gModeller to Energy Analysis

gModeller is our gTools plug-in for Trimble SketchUp. gModeller is the only SketchUp plug-in that creates, imports and exports industry-standard gbXML files for green building design, providing you with the unique capability to collaborate on work across different software platforms.

gModeller also supports production of EnergyPlus IDF models directly from SketchUp, for Web based simulation in gEnergy.

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gEnergy brings building simulation to the cloud, using all the features of EnergyPlus on the web, accessible any time, any where. Using on-line web collaboration, you can work with, train and support your colleagues and customers in the development of EnergyPlus models.

With rich graphical reports, hyperlinked commenting, model versioning, HVAC graph editing, the ability to import both gbXML and IDF models, and many other features, gEnergy is a powerful simulation tool for you and your business. Try it for yourself with our public tutorial projects.

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gWorkspace Building Information Management

Store your building information online with gWorkspace, so you can access, share and manage your building from anywhere. View, store and share energy runs, project files and photos and 3D models.

Connect with your colleagues and friends on LinkedIn and Facebook to share your projects.

Never lose key changes to your model with file versioning which comes as standard to protect your data. Find Out More...

Our public gWorkspace is to show examples of good practise and exemplary models and buildings. Why not browse our projects or share with your colleagues via Facebook and LinkedIn.

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